2018 Landscaping Trends

Some trends come and go, but these ones are sure to pass the test of time. This year’s landscaping trends will make you fall in love, and make you want to spend more time at home! If you’re looking for new ideas to renovate your landscape, start here:


Fire Features

Everyone loves to gather around a fire! Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are both a fantastic addition to your yard or patio. With outdoor living areas becoming so popular, a fire feature is a necessity for many. They enhance your time spent outside with family and friends by creating a relaxed, yet fun atmosphere. Plus, you can enjoy the chillier nights of Fall by the comforting warmth of a fire.

Fire pit and sitting wall. Image from http://ichbindani.com/


What’s the difference between a fire pit and outdoor fireplace? Let’s compare. A major difference is expense. Fireplaces are much more expensive than a fire pit. However, they include more desirable components. For example, fireplaces include a chimney to direct smoke away from the patio or sitting areas, and some even contain special features, like a pizza oven! Additionally, wood boxes are often added to fireplaces to help keep the wood dry and protected from the weather. In contrast, fire pits are much more affordable while still adding livability to your outdoor space. They can be built in a variety of sizes to match your needs, and generally have more seating than a fireplace.

Raised garden. Image from http://memorabledecor.com/


Raised Gardens


Raised gardens have been gaining popularity in recent years. They can be built from different finishes of block to match every style. Additionally, they improve the drainage, prevent small animals from having access to your plants, and tend to have less weeds than your typical garden. Another great benefit to look forward to is less strain on your back (since you don’t have to bend over quite so far).


 Purple Plants

Purple; the color of wisdom, peace, luxury, and royalty. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by purple?! Ultra Violet is Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, and we expect to see an increase in purple plants in landscape! Planting trees such as Japanese maple and Crimson Sentry maple will add a beautiful burst of color to your current landscape (we love these trees, they are GORGEOUS). Furthermore, Lavender, Butterfly Bush, and Barberry are also great plants to add. If that’s not enough, there are a variety of purple annual flowers you can plant to!

Japanese Maple tree. Image from https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/


Try integrating these landscaping ideas into your home. Improve your outdoor living areas. Enjoy your own backyard. Don’t forget to relax outside with your friends and family, life is too short not to!