3 Reasons We Love Gravel Beds

Many people prefer gravel beds over mulch beds for their landscaping, and with good reason! The following are 3 great benefits to using gravel:

Image from: www.pinterest.com/source/curbndecor.com/
  1. Less weeds

When installing gravel beds, a weed barrier is applied first. This is a solid barrier that prevents weeds from penetrating and growing through the gravel bed. This barrier also inhibits the gravel from sinking into the ground and disappearing into the dirt.


  1. Longer lasting

Gravel does not have to be done every year like mulch does. The only maintenance is the application of a “top dressing” of gravel, usually done every three years due to settling of the gravel bed.


  1. Lower cost over time

Initially, the gravel will cost more than mulch. However, since it does not need done every year, it actually ends up being cheaper!


There you have it! Three reasons we love gravel. Less weeds, less maintenance, and less cost. Sounds like a win-win-win! Ultimately, the choice comes down to preference. Some people simply favor mulch, and that’s OK! They are both beautiful choices. Either one will add curb appeal and livability to your home.